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University of Manitoba Scholarships

Scholarship Value $5,000.00

Number of Scholarships 100

The University of Manitoba rewards academic excellence with an exciting program of entrance scholarships for recent high school graduates and a wide range of awards for current students who excel within their faculties.

In 2017/18, more than 1400 1st-year students received entrance scholarships totalling over $2.8 million, while 2nd year and senior students received more than $6 million of scholarship and award funding. When this is combined with $550,000 in athletic scholarships, $6 million in UM bursaries, and $1 million in scholarship and bursary funding from outside agencies, the University of Manitoba issued more than $16 million to students in the form of awards, scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships are normally offered to full-time students based on academic achievement and course load only and require that the recipient re-register at the University of Manitoba for the subsequent year. In most cases, students must register for and complete at least 80 percent of a full course-load per term (i.e. a minimum of 12 credit hour per term), unless otherwise specified in the terms of the scholarship by the donor (or a representative of the donor).

Note: Graduate students do not have to adhere to credit hour minimums provided they are registered as full-time students over the fall and winter terms with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.