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Associated Trades Division Scholarship

Scholarship Value $1,000

Number of Scholarships 3

The Manitoba Trucking Association is pleased to support the future of our industry. Every year, the MTA, through the generous support of the Associated Trades Division and Vehicle Maintenance Council, offers thousands of dollars in awards and scholarships to deserving individuals. Awards are offered in two categories: academic awards, and apprenticeship awards. These awards are available only to employees or dependents of employees of Manitoba Trucking Association member companies.  Details of each award are listed below.

Associated Trades Division Scholarship

(3 scholarships of $1000 each, for first year tuition assistance)

Since 1986, the Manitoba Trucking Association has offered scholarships for the dependents of employees of member companies. These awards are open to dependent children of employees of MTA member companies. The Manitoba Trucking Association and the Associated Trades Division is pleased to be able to reward scholastic excellence and assist these students in furthering their education.

Application Deadline: Applications for 2024 are now open.  Application deadline is July 15, 2024.

Application Requirements

  • Minimum 80% grade point average in 40S-level courses in at least three of the following: Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Biology, and History;
  • Plus English or French language )if more than three of the discretionary subjects are taken, the best three plus the English or French language schore will determine the grade point average);
  • Copy of transcript or official statement of marks to accompany the application. (Note: letter grade not acceptable)
  • Must be a Manitoba resident.