The #1 High School and University Resource for Manitoba Students
  • Red River College Women in Trades Bursary - $3,000

    Three awards valued at a maximum of $3000 each are available to women who wish to enter non-traditional trades. Eligible programs are: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer; Aerospace Manufacturing; Automotive Technician (Certificate... More >

  • Tom O’Brien Memorial Entrance Scholarship - $1,500

    Students who are proceeding sequentially from a regular high school Senior 4 to a full-time certificate/diploma/degree program at Red River College, and who are Manitoba residents, are eligible to apply... More >

  • Associated Trades Division Scholarship - $1,000

    Since 1986, the Manitoba Trucking Association has offered scholarships for the dependents of employees of member companies. These awards are open to dependent children of employees of MTA member companies.... More >

  • Chown Centennial Scholarship - $1,000

    All high schools in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario are invited to select a recipient of the Chown Centennial Scholarship, currently valued at $1000 per student. This award is to be... More >

  • Edward M. Ewanochko Transportation Scholarship - $500

    The Edward M. Ewanochko Transportation Scholarship is an award of $500 to a Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) company member employee or employee's dependent to assist in the costs of post-secondary... More >

  • Winnipeg Transportation Club Scholarship - $500

    Over 28,000 Manitobans are employed in the trucking industry throughout the province in careers such as: drivers, dockworkers, dispatchers, sales people, accountants, mechanics, office personnel and plenty others. They all... More >

  • Fausto Yadao Scholarship - $500

    Established by Mr. Fausto Yadao, a former Dean of Student Affairs at Red River College, to encourage and assist young adults from the Filipino community to access educational opportunities at... More >

  • Stuck at Prom Scholarship - $10,000

    We’re giving away $20,000 in cash scholarships to high school students who make the best prom attire out of Duck Brand duct tape. So, stock up on your favorite colors... More >

  • SBHAC National Bursary Program - $1,000

    Eligibility: Open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus and must be a registered member in good standing of SBHAC. Membership must be in good... More >