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University of Winnipeg Special Entrance Scholarships

Scholarship Value $2,250

Number of Scholarships 100

The Special Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered to Grade 12 graduating students coming directly from a high school in Canada, and to international students from the United States, or those studying Canadian curriculum abroad. All students must meet the conditions below. These scholarships are offered without the necessity of a scholarship application.

Who is eligible?

A) Students that have at least an 85% final Grade 12 award average, and

B) Submitted a complete application for admission including payment by March 1, and

C) Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours for the Fall/Winter, and

D) Have not received a UW Entrance award valued at more than $5,000.

How is my award average calculated?

For all students (Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Kinesiology, and Science), the scholarship average is calculated based on the following:

A) Best 40S English (Comprehensive Focus, Literary Focus or Transactional Focus), and

B) Best 40S Math* (Pre-Calculus, Applied Math or Essential Math), and

C) One other 40S or higher level full credit course.

*For students coming from another province in Canada or the USA, math may not be a requirement for graduation. If you take a Grade 12 math we will use it in your award average. If you don't take a Grade 12 math the award average will be a Grade 12 English plus two other top Grade 12 courses.