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Electric Motor System Technician

The title Electric Motor System Technician defines a person who, because of his or her knowledge, training and abilities, is capable of repairing and rebuilding electrical machines, systems and equipment. This scope of work performed by an electrical rewind mechanic includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance, testing and repair of electric motors, transformers, switchgears and other electrical apparatus.

Electrical rewind mechanics are employed by independent electrical repair shops, service shops of electrical equipment manufacturers and maintenance departments of manufacturing companies. In addition to other tasks, mechanics must interpret drawings and specifications, determine the need, extent and type of repairs required, and prepare time and cost estimations reports. They also use a great variety of mechanical and electrical tools as well as advanced equipment, machinery and techniques.

Furthermore, electrical rewind mechanics may specialize in working with certain types of apparatus, such as electric motors or transformers, or in performing certain functions, such as winding coils. However, the list of equipment installed, repaired and maintained may include the following:
- electrical measuring devices;
- electrical machine components;
- all types of electro-mechanical equipment;
- electrical switching circuits;
- electrical fans, blowers and pumps;
- transformers;
- single phase motors;
- magnetic switches and control circuits;
- phase converters;
- three phase motors, starters and controllers;
- synchronous machines;
- industrial electronic controls;
- electric welders;
- eddy current clutches, couplings, brakes and brake pads;
- inverter and vector drives;
- static and dynamic balancing;
- programmable controllers;
- mechanical machine components;
- alternating current and direct current power supplies.
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