The #1 High School and University Resource for Manitoba Students
  • Radio and Television - John Webb Graham Q.C. Rogers Multicultural Scholarship - $10,000

    This entrance award is based on ethnocultural or native background, academic proficiency and career aspirations. More >

  • Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Annual Fund Entrance Award - $2,000

    For students entering Ted Rogers School of Hospitality & Tourism Management; exhibiting high academic performance; demonstration of community, industry & scholastic achievements; demonstrated financial need. More >

  • Terence Grier Entrance Scholarship - $10,000

    For academic excellence, minimum 85% average in top 6 Grade 12 U/M courses or equivalent; must be a current full-time secondary school student within Canada; Canadian citizen or permanent resident;... More >

  • Theatre - Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing Scholarship - $500

    For students entering the Theatre program; outstanding high school grades; must be a member of a visible minority; must demonstrate exceptional promise during audition and interview. More >

  • Isabel Bader Scholarship - $4,500

    All students who have applied for admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science in the University of Toronto, and who have selected Victoria College as their first college of... More >

  • General Motors Scholarships - $5,000

    Open to Aboriginal Students Registered at Victoria College, University of Toronto. To be awarded to students of Aboriginal Ancestry who have completed first, second or third year with high standing... More >

  • U of T Mississauga Residence Community Scholarship - $1,000

    Awarded to full-time residence students on the basis of involvement in community and residence activities. Academic merit will also be considered. In-course awards are conditional upon returning to full-time studies... More >

  • Avie Bennett Scholarship - $5,000

    Awarded on the basis of academic excellence and financial need to students in an Arts and Science program, studying Humanities and/or Social Sciences on the St. George Campus, the University... More >

  • National Scholarships - $50,000

    Open to applicants to any U of T campus. Based on academic excellence coupled with creativity, intellectual enthusiasm and school/community involvement. Special consideration and essay. More >

  • Terry Litovitz Merit Award in Management - $1,200

    Open to B.B.A. program applicants. Based on academic excellence and demonstrated leadership in high school or in the broader community. Complete the online Supplementary Application Form (SAF) as per the... More >

  • The Orrell Family Scholarship - $500

    Open to International Development Studies applicants. Based on academic achievement and financial need. More >

  • U of T Scarborough Alumni Admission Award - $1,500

    Awarded to students applying directly from secondary school who have demonstrated significant contribution to community service work and who have high academic achievement. More >

  • U of T Scarborough Faculty and Staff Award - $2,000

    Based on academic excellence and financial need. More >

  • U of T Scarborough Scholarship in Studio Art - $1,000

    Awarded to a student applying to Humanities who intends to take a program in studio art; awarded on the basis of an excellent portfolio that focuses on exploration of concepts... More >

  • Board of Governors' Scholarship - $18,000

    The Board of Governors' Leadership Scholarship has a value of $4,500 in the first year, and $4,500 in each of the succeeding years providing that scholarship standing of 80% or... More >

  • Champlain Scholarship - $20,000

    Awarded to entering students of exceptionally high academic achievement and promise. These scholarships have an overall value of $20,000 consisting of $5,000 in the first year and $5,000 in each... More >

  • Special Admission Scholarship - $15,000

    The Trent University Special Admissions Scholarship has a value of $3,750 for the first year and $3,750 in each of the succeeding three years providing that scholarship standing of 80%... More >

  • Naheed Dosani Entrance Scholarship - $1,000

    Undergraduates studying towards their first university degree are eligible to apply for this award. Generously established by a UOIT student, the scholarship focuses on outstanding community and co-curricular service and... More >

  • Boris & Karen Bong Entrance Scholarship - $3,000

    One scholarship, valued at $3,000, is awarded annually to an outstanding student who currently lives in or previously lived in Hong Kong and is entering first-year of the Bachelor of... More >

  • Entrance Bursaries - $4,000

    Approximately 1,000 University of Waterloo Entrance Bursaries, valued from $500 to $4,000, are awarded each year to students with financial need who are entering their first year of post-secondary studies. More >